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Build business that energize communities and empower people.


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About Me

Leadership experience in startup, non-profit, large corporation and military organizations.

Hold BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.

Now a co founder and investor building businesses that energize communities in a startup incubator.

Looking for team members for these businesses.

Available for advising other organizations.



Business & Financial Analysis

Have a idea that will change the world?

Plan Development & Presentation

Need to produce a formal business plan?


Managing Stakeholder Teams

Have a significant project that relies on multiple teams of stakeholders?


Start-up Roadmap Formation

Need to crystallize the path from concept to exit?



Investing Perspective

Investing Perspective

Here is a quote from John Thompson, CEO of Villas Capital in his quarterly newsletter of 10/10/18: Sitting in cash, or under one’s desk, in the name of prudence is ignoring the facts that consumers are healthy, many stocks are cheap, equity ownership creates wealth...

Buffalo Trip Part 1

Buffalo Trip Part 1

New York vs Illinois
A friend posed the question: Which state is in the worst shape – New York or Illinois. My reply: New York – because they continually spend on big projects with big expectations that do not turn out well

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