Managing Stakeholder Teams

Have a significant project that relies on multiple teams of stakeholders?

  • Each of the teams may have other priorities or conflicted views of the project results

I have been a part projects at Westinghouse, Siemens and Westminster Economic Development Initiative (WEDI) where that was a major factor.

  • Highlighting the work at Siemens in installing an Enterprise Resource Planning system that impacted computer operations, production planning, engineering and accounting, my role was to meet individually with each of the teams to resolve team issues and priorities.  The system was successfully installed and became operational.
  • At WEDI I conducted meetings to focus multiple volunteer stakeholders on specific actions needed to move the project forward.  Stakeholders better understood their roles relative to others and the start-up succeeded and grew.

What’s in it for you?  Additional eyes, ears and hands to move big important projects forward through multiple teams.

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