Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


The first two years were common with all engineering departments and included physics, chemistry and mathematics along with writing and ROTC.  In the last two years I specialized in the power option – related to equipment and practice of the generation, transmission, distribution, control and uses of electrical power.

I was a member of Sigma Phi Delta, an engineering fraternity where I provided and received academic peer support as well as experience in holding leadership positions.

I completed the BS degree in Electrical Engineering in four years and one summer.  The summer session was needed as two of the four advanced ROTC courses were not accepted for the degree

Lessons Learned

I didn’t realize what a great experience I had until I left and  was no longer under the pressure of coursework.  The department had an outstanding reputation and provided its students with a comprehensive understanding of both theory and practice.  The fraternity provided a supportive living environment as well as direct out of classroom contact with engineering professors through the advisor program.

Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago


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