New York vs Illinois

A friend posed the question:  Which state is in the worst shape – New York or Illinois.  My reply:  New York – because they continually spend on big projects with big expectations that do not turn out well – like the Buffalo Billions – with investments in battery manufacture.  Illinois investments aren’t so big and are in things like business incubators.  An the pension problem, although massive could be solved by legalizing cannabis.  He agreed


Another friend has become interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency.  He produced a summary of its status.  I’d really like to know exactly how a blockchain is created and fine someone who has done it.

Art Gallery of Ontario

Had the opportunity to revisit this outstanding gallery.  Enjoyed visiting the Group of Seven Canadian artists.  A nice feature that I also enjoyed was 10 minute talks about two of their works – one by a French painter showing the scene in a hat shop boutique and the other a Canadian painter showing cows utilizing color squares.